Sportsman's News'
Platinum Approved Outfitter

During the summer of 2010, Pybus Point Lodge was honored to host Sportsmans News Television host Kent Danjanovich and his crew for an edition of SNTV.

In addition to being selected as a site of SNTV, we are very pleased to also announce Pybus Point Lodge as one of Sportsman's News newest Platinum Approved Outfitters.

From Sportsman's News:

"The Sportsman's News Platinum Approved Outfitter is an outfitter that has excelled in every aspect of their business.

They put people and customers before profit.

They do what it takes to make sure that they will be in business for the long haul and ensure that they have repeat customers. They practice good game management, which will ensure a top quality trip with them every time you book.

These are outfitters you would be proud to refer to a friend. We know this because we are proud to endorse each one of these outfitters based upon our staff members personally visiting each one of these operations.

These outfitters have proven to us that they have what it takes to be Sportsman's News Platinum Approved."

We at Pybus Point Lodge are very excited to be included as a Platinum Approved Outfitter, and are honored to be recognized as one of the few lodges qualified to meet the requirements for this program.