Travel Guide

We offer assistance to book your flight to and from Juneau, Alaska. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the necessary information for your travel.

Lodging in Juneau

We have contracted rates with the Juneau Best Western. When booking your stay please makes sure to let them know you are traveling to Pybus Point Lodge.

Floatplane transportation

Our partners at Ward Air provide you, the guest, with all transportation to and from our Lodge and Juneau. To fly to the lodge you need to arrive at Ward Air by 7:00AM. Your arrival from Pybus, back to Juneau varies so most guests stay overnight in Juneau before flying back home. Please contact us and we will give you further details if needed.

Area Attractions

Please check out the links section for items of interest in Alaska. There are many activities in and around Juneau, and from Juneau you can broaden your Alaskan adventure to include guided tours, kayaking, extensive back country exploration, hunting trips, off-road and snowmobiling, and even zip-lining. If you have any questions about the many possibilities we can point you in the right direction!