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What Will I Experience in Alaska?

Alaska has a reputation for mind-blowing beauty and life-changing experiences – and it’s a reputation well deserved. Depending on the time of year and nature’s plans, you can expect to experience intimate encounters with humpback whales, sea otters, orca, and bears. (You’ll get to meet sea lions, too, but the word “intimate” doesn’t seem to fit their chorus.) Sunrise and sunset over Pybus Bay is stunning – and the star-gazing can’t be beat. If your timing is right you can even watch the northern lights from your private balcony.

What is the Best Time to See Alaska?

We’ve never spent a week at Pybus Point and wished we were someplace else – but there are great reasons to choose your dates carefully. Unless you work at our lodge, your first shot will be late May – an excellent time of year for photography, king salmon, and halibut. Freshwater salmon fishing is best in July, when we always sell out. Read how to time your Alaskan vacation or give us a call for customized advice.

How Will I Get to Pybus Point Lodge?

Your adventure begins with a chartered float plane from Juneau to our remote, pristine lodge in Pybus Bay on Admiralty Island National Monument. Our experienced and professional staff will greet you, get you up to speed, and have you on the water with a fishing pole in your hand in the most beautiful bay you’ll ever experience. And that’s just the first day. Read more about the Pybus Point experience.

How Much Is Due Right Now?

Pybus Point Lodge is a small property with a short Alaskan summer season – we can only hold your place on this trip with a 50% deposit.

Of course, we realize finding the right date is only part of your travel planning, and coordinating schedules with your family and friends can be tricky. That’s why we offer a penalty-free date change policy – if you need to adjust the date of your trip, we will give your rebooking priority over new guests and help you with the change free of charge.