Halibut Fishing Trips in Alaska

For a truly unforgettable halibut fishing trip in Alaska, Pybus Bay is the perfect place. The calm waters of the remote coastal inlet at the southeast edge of Admiralty Island offer almost undisturbed access to the biggest halibut – which makes the colossal fish pretty easy to catch.

If you plan on coming to Alaska for a guided halibut fishing trip, choosing an all-inclusive vacation with first-class accommodations makes for the best experience. Pybus Point Lodge offers exactly that. Here’s a look at why our secluded retreat is a fisherman’s dream.

A young Pybus Point customer and his 180lb halibut

Experienced Guides

Pybus Bay is swimming with halibut, and catching your limit is easy with a Coast Guard certified guide. You’ll spend all day out on the water, using pro-quality rods and reels to haul in the fish. And with an experienced Alaskan fisherman guiding your adventure, you can also relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Custom-Built Boats

The Pybus Point Lodge fleet of fishing boats is among the best in Alaska, with three new vessels that were commissioned for the 2019 season. The custom-designed boats allow small groups to enjoy halibut fishing trips in perfect comfort – you won’t have to compete with cruise-ship size crowds to catch your dream Alaskan fish.

Fishing Opportunities

Halibut may be your target to catch, but you can also reel in many other fish. Pybus Bay is home to five species of salmon along with rockfish, ling cod, yellow eye and more. You can take advantage of daily guided saltwater fishing trips in addition to unlimited use of motorized skiffs and kayaks. Furthermore, Pybus Point Lodge is just minutes away from a beautiful freshwater stream, which you can freely explore on your own.

Wildlife Encounters

When you’ve reached your limit or want to take a break from halibut fishing, your guide can take you on an incredible tour of the Alaskan wonders in Pybus Bay. Hidden waterfalls and massive glaciers are just the tip of the iceberg – you’ll also have the chance to spot pods of humpback whales, sea lions, seals, otters and orca up close. You may even see brown bears on the shores and bald eagles soaring through the skies.

Amazing Amenities

In terms of saltwater fishing, few places around the world compare to Pybus Bay. And you’ll go home with your catch, already filleted. But, your Alaska vacation will be much more than a simple guided halibut fishing trip.

You’ll stay in a gorgeous cabin, brand new in 2019, featuring a private balcony to watch the northern lights and a fireplace to keep you cozy. Comfortable common areas offer a place to relive your Alaska fishing adventures with your friends, and a world-class chef stands ready to prepare all of your meals and snacks.

Fantastic halibut fishing, pristine scenery and all-inclusive comfort – with everything Pybus Point Lodge has to offer, it’s no wonder more than 65 percent of our guests visit us more than once.

If you’re ready for an epic Alaskan adventure, a vacation at Pybus Point Lodge on Admiralty Island will not disappoint. For more information on our halibut fishing trips in Alaska, contact us today.