Choosing a Lodge

If you’re going to come all the way to Alaska, you may as well find the best place to stay. But the best place isn’t the same for everyone. Learn what questions to ask any resort, lodge, or cabin proprietor before booking your stay.

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Deciding Where to Go

Alaska is big. From stunning landscapes of mirror-smooth water to rainforests, deep fjords, towering mountain ranges, raging rivers and secluded waterfalls, there are endless opportunities for exploration and outdoor recreation. Deciding where to spend your time is no easy task.

What to Do in Alaska

The diverse geography and natural resources offer an abundance of recreation options that include fishing, kayaking, wild-life sightseeing, hiking, skiing and so much more. Here’s our rundown of what Alaska does better than anyone.

What to Pack for Alaska

Packing can be tricky but the rule of thumb is make sure you are prepared to stay warm and dry. Many resorts and outfitters provide a lot of the gear you’ll need to be comfortable, but here are some things you should consider for your packing list.

Experience Alaska The Pybus Way

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