Guided Saltwater Fishing

Trade your 8-hour workdays for 8-hour guided-saltwater-fishing-in-Alaska days.

Experienced Guides

If you’re going to come all the way to Alaska, you may as well fish with an experienced guide on hand to keep you on the fish and take care of all the little details. You can enjoy the scenery, your company, and the world-class fishing. You’ll get your guide’s attention as much as eight hours each day – already included in the cost of your trip.

Unbeatable Location

Pybus Point Lodge is located at the southern edge of Admiralty Island National Monument – a stunning landscape of mirror-smooth water, Alaskan rainforest, deep fjords, and secluded waterfalls nestled within Souteast Alaska’s famous Inside Passage.

Custom-Built Boats

Our fleet was already among the best in Alaska when we commissioned 3 brand new vessels for the 2019 season. Designed from stem to stern to bring you Frederick Sound’s best fishing, our boats are perfectly suited for your all-inclusive Alaskan fishing vacation.

Explore on Your Own

Alaska is generous during our peak fishing season – the fish are hunting and the sun stays up until midnight. You’ll love taking a skiff out on your own – we’re just minutes away from beautiful freshwater stream fishing, and some of our guests’ biggest halibut catches have been reeled in on a skiff.

Peak fishing trips sell out every season

Bucket List Complete

“My dad’s been taking me fishing since I was small enough to be in a pack on his back. When I got older, even in my teens, we could always connect on the river. He worked hard his whole life and never had much left over to put together vacations, so for his 60th birthday we surprised him with a family trip to Pybus Point. The best part of the trip was being with my dad and watching him live the Alaskan dream.”

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A Halibut As Big As Me

“I’ve been fishing my whole life and had Alaska on my bucket list. I finally got up to Pybus Point and spent just about every minute I was awake on a boat or skiff with a rod in my hands. On the third day I bounced that jig off the bottom and hooked what I knew was a big one – my guide Tony got almost as excited as I was and we spend almost two hours reeling this thing in.”

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