Humpback Whales

The calm, cool waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage are the perfect habitat for humpback whales. Our guests tell us close encounters with these peaceful giants have changed the way they see the world – and we know just what they mean.

Icebergs and Glaciers

Feeling adventurous? Spend a day exploring the famous Tracy Arm Fjord. You’ll see seals playing among beautiful blue icebergs as you make your way to a huge glacier less than 10 miles from the Canadian border.

Fortress of the Bears

You’ll stay with us on Admiralty Island, called Xootsnoowú by native Tlingit people, which means “Fortress of the Bears.” There are more bears on our island than in all 49 other states combined – and more than 2.5x the number of people here!

Beauty After Dark

If your timing is lucky, you’ll be able to watch the northern lights put on a show from your private balcony overlooking the water. If the aurora aren’t on show, gaze up at the infinite night sky – or walk to the shore and be amazed by the phosphorescent algae that live in the cold waters of Pybus Bay.

Stunning Waterfalls

A short ride in one of our skiffs will take you to the mouth of a river where, if your timing is right, you can watch salmon make their final run to spawn. When it isn’t overrun by bears dining on the feast, you can walk upstream just a few minutes to a beautiful waterfall in the thick forest.

Orca, Seals, Sea Lions

Several sea lion colonies make their home nearby. Our guests love to float offshore (and up wind; sea lions have quite a smell!) to watch these playful, aggressive animals interact on the rocks. Along the way we typically see curious seals and camera-shy sea otters, who love to swim in groups, and even elusive killer whales.

Pybus Point Lodge guests encountering humpback whales on kayaks


We can often tell, just by looking at the faces of our guests as they walk up the dock, which boat had an up-close encounter with whales that afternoon. When a whale breaches near your boat you can feel the impact in your core, not just hear it, and they sometimes seem to put on a show for our boats as they breach, lobtail, and hunt together using bubble circles.

A humpback whale breaches near Pybus Point Lodge
Orca or killer whale breaching for Pybus Point Lodge guests
A view of towering mountains from the front of our fishing boat
A huge waterfall into the ocean is one of the many sites seen by Pybus Point Lodge guests
Our kayaks on the beach available for use any time


When you’re on the water, following a pod of whales or raft of sea otters, you can’t help but feel amazed at the size and scope of the Alaskan wilderness. It seems to go on forever, in every direction, so when a whale breaches close to your boat you almost can’t avoid feeling ridiculously lucky to have been at the right place at the right time. And then, while you’re waiting for the next lucky coincidence, you find yourself surrounded by the kind of ineffable beauty you know you just won’t be able to describe when you go back home.

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Waterfalls with clear turquoise water you can visit during your stay


When you explore an island called Fortress of the Bears, your senses seem sharper than they do at home. A 15-minute hike becomes a proper adventure when you’re following a bear trail (and your shotgun-toting guide) to the base of an 80-foot waterfall in the thick Alaskan rainforest. You can share the pictures you’ll take on your Pybus Point Lodge vacation, but the scent of the mist on a rainy morning and the sound of the eagle flapping low over the bay will belong only in your memory.

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Seals sunning on some rocky outcropping
An iceberg with blue translucence with a mountain backdrop
Heading out fishing on a crisp misty morning
Our seaplane touching down in Pybus bay

Fishing and So Much More

There is world-class salt water fishing here in Southeast Alaska, to be sure. But the Pybus Bay experience is so much more than just fishing. Come experience Alaska for yourself – you’ll understand why Pybus Point Lodge guests tell us they leave Alaska different people than when they arrive.

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