Experience Alaska

Bring your ideal Alaskan vacation to life in all-inclusive comfort at Pybus Point Lodge.

Alaska Is Big

Alaska is big. That seems like a weird thing to say, but after you come here – after you paddle a kayak through the mist of a 600-foot waterfall, or connect with friends around a fire while northern lights dance above your heads, or watch a whale breach near your boat as you’re reeling in the biggest fish of your life – you begin to get it. Alaska is big. You don’t just go to Alaska, you experience Alaska.

All Inclusive Value and Convenience

Guided Saltwater Fishing

Experience some of Alaska’s best fishing with experienced guides and custom-built boats. We’ll keep you on the fish you’re after – giant halibut, five species of gorgeous salmon, rockfish, yelloweye, ling cod, and more. In the evenings take a kayak or 18′ skiff into Pybus Bay and get every minute out of our long summer days. It’s all included.

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Intimate Wildlife Encounters

From tiny phosphorescent algae lighting up our docks to enormous humpback whales feeding and playing in our deep, peaceful waters, you may not be able to find a more beautiful setting to experience Alaska. Pybus Bay is a photographer’s paradise – bald eagles and bears, whales and orca, otters and sea lions, and more. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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First Class Accommodations

Pybus Point Lodge is remote in the best way possible. Beautiful, brand new cabins tucked along the water’s edge provide the perfect place to relive the day with friends over a delicious meal prepared by our experienced executive chef. From arrival to departure, our staff is on hand to make your Alaskan vacation truly once-in-a-lifetime.

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The Most Beautiful Bay on Earth

You’ll think we’re exaggerating until your seaplane dips its wings between two islands to land at our private dock. Our staff will take your bags and show you where to enjoy the northern lights from a private balcony, explore hidden waterfalls, and feed your soul under a huge Alaskan sky. You’ll leave here a different person – in all the right ways.

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“You made us feel important and welcome –
and your guides worked their tails off for us every day.”

Kirt H. – Pybus Point guest in June, 2018